S2U – Straight 2U Courier – Time sensitive, point to point service

Straight 2U Courier service is our most time sensitive, point-to-point option. When you need something somewhere yesterday, our Straight 2U Courier service is perfect for:

• One off jobs
• Contracted jobs
• Permanent runs

You can be rest assured that all Straight 2U Courier services are secured. We take ownership and ensure there is no double handling as your delivery is picked up and delivered by the same dedicated and professional driver.
Your Straight 2U Courier order is a priority to us! We guarantee to collect and deliver your consignment to its destination faster than ever using our state of the art logistics booking system, professional and knowledgeable courier drivers along with our real time tracking system. We will provide you with instant proof that it has arrived safe and sound.

Call us, book online or via our mobile app for urgent pick up and delivery of:

• Letters
• Documents
• Medical files
• Legal files
• Parcels
• Packages
• Or any other confidential or important items

Take advantage of the Xpress2U, Straight 2U Courier pick up and delivery service and know your delivery will be made on time, every time.