Why Choose A Courier Over Standard Post

Using a courier is becoming a lot more popular these days, not just for sending large and bulky packages but for documents and gifts as well. So why the change? Why are people moving away from the days of popping down to the post office in their lunch break to post grandma’s birthday present?

Convenience – Using a courier is a lot more convenient these days. You don’t have to struggle to find a car park near the local Post Office, no waiting in lines and you can do it all in your pyjamas (unless of course you are in the office)

Guaranteed Delivery – Depending on the type of service you choose you know exactly when your item is going to be delivered. If something in the schedule goes wrong you are notified, a lot of couriers these days even have GPS tracking so you can stalk your shipment all the way to their door.

Pricing – The pricing for couriers has become a lot more competitive and affordable and you know exactly what you are going to pay. Enter in your dimensions and weight and along comes the price you need to pay.

How many times have you completed an online estimate to send your parcel through traditional post, only to get to the post office and it be completely off?

Reassurance – Because every delivery is scheduled and tracked, you know that your parcel is going to be delivered – no matter what size or weight. Many items through traditional post are not tracked unless you pay extra to have it added on. If you do not add it on and the parcel or letter goes missing then your chances of getting it back or being reimbursed are very low.

Same Day Options – Many couriers provide a same day delivery option for certain areas. This is a huge bonus for when you need to have an urgent delivery made. As long as you make your booking before a certain time of day and it is within the delivery area, your delivery will be made that same day.

Online Ordering – We already know that using a courier is more convenient and can be done from the comfort of your own home, but making it even better is it can all be online. 9 times out of 10 you will not even need to speak to anyone during the booking process and can complete it all online.

Friendly Staff – We know at Xpress2U we ensure that all of our delivery staff are friendly, engaging and willing to go above and beyond to assist you. We hand pick each of our staff members and work with them to make sure they are fully trained and willing to work.

There are now many couriers available to choose from and it may look overwhelming when choosing one. A few of the larger companies own the smaller ones. Make sure you do your research, do not choose based just on price; check out their reviews, look through their website and see if they can offer what you or your business need.

Having a package delivered does not need to be a difficult or stressful task – we can make sure it is simple and easy for you without any of the hassle.

Have an awesome day

The Team at Xpress2U Couriers